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Why are Landing Pages Important?

The background to the demand for making landing pages at this time is because business people want to maximize their business development by getting leads, maintaining leads and increasing conversion rates to increase sales.
Apart from maximizing business development, landing pages also have several other benefits, including:
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What are Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are pages on a website that are specially designed with a marketing mindset. This page is displayed when visitors access the website from paid search results. Which page is specifically made with the specific purpose of directing customers to take a certain action, such as buying, ordering, or filling out a form.

Types of Landing Pages

  1. Leads Generation Landing Pages
    This type of landing page serves to collect data on potential customers. Primarily, data in the form of names and email addresses. These two data will then be stored and used by the business to maintain relationships with potential customers. It is through this email address that business owners usually send various promo and discount info, news, blog articles, and other content (ebooks, checklists, and other downloadable materials). This kind of practice is common in the B2B marketing model. The same thing is often used in businesses with high-cost products or services.
  2. Click-Through Landing Pages
    This type of landing page
    is usually used in e-commerce or B2C marketing models. The displayed page usually only makes one simple button. These buttons often contain words such as “Choose Now”, “Buy Now”, “Shop Now” and so on.

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