7 Tips for Creating Attractive Social Media Ads

7 Tips for Creating Attractive Social Media Ads – Do you want to create anti-scroll and attractive social media ads without requiring a lot of design work? Now the good news is that you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert or a person with a graphic design degree!

With just a few simple design tips and strategies from the Tech Team, you can create branded social media ads, grab people’s attention and be prestigious!

Let’s discuss 7 tips that can make your social media ads sparkles!

7 Tips for Creating Attractive Social Media!

1. Defining Ads Goals on Social Media

Before you sit down to and create social media ads, there is a need if you first think about your business advertising goals and what you want to achieve.

Are you trying to direct more audiences to your social media account profiles to get more followers? Or maybe you want a click-through to your website, or invite your audience to shop on social media such as Instagram directly?

Remember that each social media platform caters to a different audience. Your Instagram social media audience may have a completely different demographic than your account’s followers on Facebook.

And because of that, you need to consider each social media platform, along with your advertising goals, to get the right ad format, design, and concept!

Whatever your goal is, you should think clearly before you start designing.

For example, if the business goal is to generate sales and you know your Facebook audience loves shopping online from your eye-catching posts, you may have to focus your efforts on creating engaging Facebook ads.

For example, by using motion graphics, which can be assisted by the Indonesian Tech Team.

Think about designing action-focused ads that are reviewed with product images and product shows so you can convert viewers into buyers!

For example, if your business goal is to promote an educational video course, you might be able to design an Instagram ad around educational content, with a snippet of course promotion or open a free course class for one meeting, to entice viewers to click through and learn more about your services.

So knowing what you want to achieve at this early stage will be very helpful in designing your own business ads!

2. Decide which ad format you want to use

Do you have to make a video in Instagram Stories? Or ads with carousels? How are my boosted posts?

Facebook (as the parent of Instagram) has many ad formats to choose from including photos, videos, carousels, collections, and Facebook Stories ad posts. The more unique, fun, and interesting you are, the better your business ads will be!

3. Working with Videos for Better Results

If you want social media ads that stand out for your business, then video is key!

Because more than 54% of social users prefer to post a video for viral content. Plus, social video posts generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined! So investing time in creating video ads for social media is definitely worth it!

You can start to create a short video work in under 15 seconds, as in the feature, Instagram Stories.

But in that 15-second clip, you need to make sure you’ve prepared engaging content or design, which will provide a strong call to action, such as an offer or pledge.

Try to create a concept by combining motion graphics made by Tech Team Indonesia or attractive and legible fonts, this can really help make the audience stay glued and watch.

For instance, beauty brand Glossier does a great job of showcasing their products in concise and engaging videos for their Facebook ads.

4. Use Consistent Branding in Your Business Ads

Even creating beautiful ads will not produce results if it is not related to your brand identity.

This is because your social media audience needs a consistent visual presence that can bring out the brand identity of your product or service when advertising on social media!

To have a consistent visual identity, each post must put forward human taste and visual elements such as looking, feeling, and sounding. You can include a watermark or logo on your business creative. You can also use a defined color palette, and focus on multiple fonts to convey the message.

5. Smart on How to Use Fonts

Having attractive text and fonts helps you sell without sound if you use video ads without audio and talent!

On Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound. Just like videos on Instagram also follow the same pattern, so you need to make sure that your business ads can convey messages even if the volume is turned off.

The good news is that you don’t need to have a graphic design background to create something that looks great.

Starting with this attractive font will not only help your business ads increase brand awareness, but also help maintain Instagram’s aesthetic.

If you want to change and find new fonts for your brand, take a look at Google Fonts — with over 900 free fonts to choose from, you can start experimenting with some good-looking fonts

6. Include Call to Action

A strong ad is one that uses a strong call-to-action

Trying to get the message out about a promotion, launch, or special event in an ad, by including a call to action to tell customers why they should care, and what they should do.

You may want people to visit your business’s social media profiles, so make sure any calls to action, are contained in the creative!

And don’t forget that you can occasionally add interactive and engaging elements like GIFs, sparkles, or arrows to help direct your audience’s eyes to where they should be clicking or sliding posts!

7. Size Content Correctly

You can create perfectly sized content for various types of social media ads that have been planned to be installed.

If you really want to get results from your ads, you shouldn’t use the same dimensions for each type of ad — for example, the design dimension of an Instagram Stories ad, must be different from the dimension of a video post ad.

It’s all about optimizing every ad, so that your business can get the best performance and results!

So that’s seven tips that can be shared by Tech Team Indonesia, if you want to know other interesting tips and strategies follow his social media and visit the article page on www.techteam.id