About WHOIS: Definition, Functions, Types, and How it Works

The website owner or manager must know about WHOIS. This service is often provided by hosting or domain companies. Then, what is WHOIS? Why is WHOIS so important for websites?

By understanding the meaning, functions, types, and how WHOIS works, you can get useful information so you know how to protect your privacy.

Definition of WHOIS

Reference from niagahoster.co.id, WHOIS is an internet service that conveys information about a domain. In Indonesian, WHOIS is defined as “Who is.”

You can find owner information from a website’s domain name with WHOIS. You can also find out the IP Address of the website. You can find your name, address, telephone number, email, and other personal data in WHOIS.

The data is better known as WHOIS Records. The data is public, so Internet users can access it. As a result, WHOIS can be used for contact information for domain owners.

WHOIS function

As you know, WHOIS can display domain owner information. In addition, there is some information listed in the WHOIS, namely:

  1. Contact Information

There is information in the WHOIS, which contains the customer/administrator/technician name, organization name, home address, telephone number, email, and fax.

  1. Registration Information

Registration information when you claim the domain. Register information contains Whois Server, URL, Registrar, IANA ID, Abuse Contact phone, and Abuse Contact Email.

  1. Billing Contact

Billing or payment information includes invoices for renewing, purchasing, and registering domains.

  1. Status

The information contains domain statuses. Have you renewed the website domain, banned/blocked, or deleted it.

  1. Important Dates

This section contains the updated date, the date the domain was created, and the date the domain was registered.

  1. Server Name

The server name will include the domain server URL.

With this, we can conclude that the WHOIS function includes the following:

  • Displaying information about domain names or IP addresses.
  • Verifying the authenticity of domain owners or IP addresses.
  • Making it easier for users to contact domain owners.
  • Displaying website expiry dates.
  • Knowing domain name availability.
  • Website tracking for spam or fraud.

WHOIS Service Types

WHOIS has different services. The WHOIS type depends on the input in the database and the person in charge of the domain.

  1. General WHOIS Service

Contact information for general WHOIS services, including:

  • Server Name (Person in Charge either individual, organization, or government)
  • Administrative Contact (A person authorized to make decisions or answer questions relating to domain names).
  • Technical contact (Individuals who can be contacted in dealing with technical issues related to the domain).
  • Billing contact (Information about domain billing).
  1. WHOIS Privacy Service

WHOIS privacy is a service that aims to protect domain owner information. Using the WHOIS privacy service will protect your personal data from spam, fraud, fake domains, and personal identity theft.

How WHOIS Works

Here’s how WHOIS works. You can follow it below.

  1. Before registering a new domain, you must find a website that can check the WHOIS of the domain on the internet.
  2. When registering a new domain name, you must fill in detailed information, such as the name of the website owner. The information requested is based on a provision from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
  3. Domain owner data will be stored in the WHOIS database, which internet users can access in all countries.
  4. You can access it via the WHOIS Domain Checker website. Then, enter the domain name or IP address you want to search for.
  5. After that, click the search button to get information regarding website ownership.


That’s some information about WHOIS, including its meaning, function, types, and how it works. For those who want to avoid creating a website, you can have a free consultation with techteam.id. Your website will be verified and safe from digital criminal acts.

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