Factors Influencing the Utilization of Information Technology

The need for fast, reliable, and accurate information in an environment full of absolute uncertainty is crucial. Information technology encompasses computer technology and communication technology used to process and disseminate both financial and non-financial information.

Empirically, information technology is a means to reduce organizational environmental uncertainty. Information technology can be effectively utilized if members within an organization can use the technology well. Therefore, it is essential for organizational members to understand and predict the usefulness of the system.

Thompson defines the utilization of technology as the expected benefits of information system users in carrying out their tasks, measured based on the intensity of utilization, frequency of utilization, and the number of applications or software used.

There are six factors that influence the utilization of information technology: social factors, affect, task suitability, long-term consequences, and facilitating conditions.

Let’s dive deeper into these factors:

  1. Social Factors: This factor relates to the individual’s internalization of subjective cultural group references and the specific interpersonal agreements that the individual has strived for in specific social situations. Subjective culture contains norms, roles, and values.

Social factors that influence the utilization of information technology include statements about: a. The number of coworkers who use information technology, especially computer technology, in their daily tasks/work. b. The presence of senior managers/supervisors who assist/encourage the introduction and utilization of information technology. c. The company strongly supports the utilization/use of information technology.

Thompson found that social factors have a significant and consistent influence on computer utilization. In Indonesia, it has been found that there is a positive and significant relationship between social factors and the utilization of information technology.

  1. Affect: Affect refers to the feelings of joy, pleasure, displeasure, and dislike associated with the individual’s specific utilization of information technology.

Statements to identify the affect factor in the utilization of information technology include: a. The work becomes more interesting and easy when utilizing information technology. b. There is a greater sense of pleasure in working when using information technology, especially computer technology. c. Information technology can be beneficial for various types of work.

  1. Task Suitability: Task suitability relates to the extent to which individuals can use information technology to enhance their individual performance in carrying out tasks.

Six statements to determine the influence of task suitability on the utilization of information technology include: a. Utilizing information technology does not affect job performance. b. Utilizing information technology can reduce the time required to complete tasks. c. Utilizing information technology can enhance the quality of work. d. Utilizing information technology can increase work effectiveness. e. The quantity of output produced will increase. f. Using information technology can assist in task completion.

  1. Long-Term Consequences: Long-term consequences are defined as outcomes obtained in the future, such as increased flexibility, job changes, or increased opportunities for more meaningful work.

Four statements to determine the influence of long-term consequences on the utilization of information technology include: a. Using information technology makes work more challenging. b. Using information technology makes work more varied. c. Using information technology increases opportunities to perform different tasks. d. Using information technology can increase opportunities to achieve a better position.

  1. Facilitating Conditions: In the context of utilizing information technology, support for users is one type of facilitating condition that can influence the utilization of information technology.

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