5 Powerful Gen Z Marketing Strategies!

5 Powerful Gen Z Marketing Strategies! – How can you connect with the coolest kids, — Gen-Z?

Marketing products, services and services to Gen Z, requires more than just selling products.

There is a stark difference between people born between 1996 and 2010, the current generation is more aware of value and interested in brands that “keep it real” or original, original and authentic.

In the Gen Z generation, they have a creative, bold nature, and create many trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms. And they need a slightly different approach than their millennial counterparts.

So how do you reach out and connect with the Gen Z market this year? Tech Team Indonesia has summarized it for you, check out this article to the end!

Who is Gen Z?

Young, tech-savvy, and socially minded — Gen Z is the most diverse generation on the face of the earth, not infrequently among them some are already smart about making their own money or earning their own income.

A generation raised on smartphones, the internet, and social media, these digital natives are more likely to buy from brands that have established clear values, are inclusive, and have a strong number of online communities.

If you haven’t started thinking about broadcasting your products, services and services to today’s younger generation, then this is the right time to start.

With several strategies designed specifically for Gen Z, you can leverage their audience and create content they’ll follow — without alienating current customers.

5 Powerful Gen Z Marketing Strategies!

To connect with this generation of natives in the digital world, you must remember the following five strategies:

  • Set Clear Values & Missions
  • Be Transparent & Accountable
  • Establish a Brand Identity
  • Be Interesting and Entertaining
  • Build a Community

1. Set Clear Values & Goals

Before marketing to Gen Z, it’s important for your brand to set a value or “value” that is a concern for the current generation, and don’t forget to set a goal. But why is this important?

“Gen Z is more likely to choose by believing that a brand’s value is our own reflection,” explains Gen Z expert Larry Milstein. It is true, that a service, service and product can reflect who the buyer is.

The point is like this, there is a beauty and body care brand called “The Body Shop”, there are many young people who use the product because their products are organic and environmentally friendly. This means that people who buy this item, on average, have a fairly high literacy of environmental issues.

Well, then how can you sort out the topics that fit Gen Z?

Some of the topics important to Gen Z include:

  • Diversity or Plurality : As many as 60% of Gen Z say increasing racial and ethnic diversity is good for society.
  • Social Responsibility: There are 70% of Gen Z trying to buy products, services and services, from companies that they consider ethical towards SARA.
  • Environmental issues, equality, human rights, and so on.

“We are 3x more confident than the older generation, that companies have a role to play in improving society,” Larry added.

With clear values, later your business values will be different from other brands and engage with things that have been paid attention to by Gen Z.

2. Be a Transparent & Accountable Brand

The next step in your Gen Z marketing strategy is to ensure your brand remains transparent and accountable for any missteps.

Gen Z did not hesitate to do their research. They will dive deep into the brand’s website, browse their social media accounts, and read comments and reviews.

“When it comes to determining the brand to support, the brand’s confidence is second only to the price,” Larry explains.

During the rise of the BLM or Black Lives Matter movement on social media in 2020, skincare brand Cocokind announced that in the future, they will release a report on their team’s racial and ethnic makeup, so their community can hold them accountable.

In addition, in Indonesia there have been many companies that carry out strong responsible and transparent actions. For example, Bank CIMB Niaga with its youth community called Kejar Mimpi, which focuses on positive activities for Indonesian teenagers.

3. Establish a Brand Identity

To engage and connect with Gen Z, say goodbye to the perfectly crafted content aesthetic that focuses on millennials.

Gen Z wants a brand that is bold, has a strong voice, and a strong personality or “identity”. Don’t be afraid to make changes!

“Like it or hate it, what they’ve done well is take advantage of social issues that Gen Z loves, especially where there’s uncertainty and massive unrest.”

4. Be Interesting & Entertaining

Gen Z has an amazing ability to filter content. With a short range of attention, “you only have about 8 seconds to tell us why we should pay attention before moving on to other content.”

And the best way to attract their attention is to cheer them up! Be entertaining!

For example, you can create a fun and concise tutorial featuring influencers and beauty creators to highlight the beauty products you offer them. This method is considered effective because the content of the message is easily digested.

TIPS: Create content that is educational, entertaining, or valuable –then think about how to form a fun way to promote a product or service? How can your product attract users’ attention and stand out from other brands?

5. Build a Community

Building a digital community is an integral part of your Gen Z marketing strategy.

According to surveys, Gen Z is the loneliest generation in America, so they are actively looking for ways to engage and connect with like-minded individuals.

Another way to build community is to ask Gen Z for advice and feedback during product development, or celebrate customers who have been loyal to your brand for years.

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