Tools Manage Editorial Calendar Easily

Tools Manage Editorial Calendar Easily – There is content put out every day by content creators. So content creators need tools to help them put ideas and design their content in an orderly and scheduled manner. Therefore a content creator needs an editorial calendar.

Here are some of the features to look for:

  1. Calendar view
  2. Timeline or Deadline
  3. Tasks or checklists
  4. Status
  5. color options
  6. Label

Much like its function, this editorial calendar is used to create schedules for content that you want to create neatly, orderly and organized. Do not let the content you want to create is too much, but the content is neglected due to not being organized properly.

Therefore, Tech Team Indonesia wants to help you, content creators, to keep up to date with content on a scheduled basis. Here are tools that can be used easily and for free to schedule your content!


Asana is a great choice web tool and app for editorial calendars, as users can view projects and tasks in calendar, list, or board views.

What’s great about Asana is that you can add colors or tags to your entries. Users can also sort and view entries by the due date, depending on what each user prefers.

Asana also offers functionality to add tickable tasks, as it assists users in moving editorial tasks and related projects toward completion.


Trello is a great tool of choice if you like Kanban Boards and calendar views. Users can add tasks and check off items once they have been completed. Users can also add colors and labels to tasks and projects.

One of the things users find Trello tools fun to use is being able to customize the background image or color of the Trello workspace.


Airtable is a great tool of choice for managing editorial calendars.

The tool is similar to using Excel, so if you are someone who enjoys sorting data and displaying different views, AIRTABLE might be for you.

There are many options or personally customizable fields that can be created (e.g. status, channels, formats, assets, URLs, etc). Try Airtable which can help you in streamlining and simplifying content marketing.


Tool Notion has a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization options.

You can create a custom calendar with all the calendar reminders you need.

You can also create dedicated spaces within the platform, for brainstorming and capturing content ideas, a place to store inspiration with links or other assets, and a place to manage your editorial calendar in just one place.

Also with Notion, you can design your workspace creatively, with cute accessories, icons and photos added. How have you tried yet? If not, try it now!


Milanote is an extraordinary gem. You can brainstorm and plan all your content with this tool. A Milanote tool is a tool that allows you to brainstorm, plan, and do non-linear tasks. So, if you want to provide lots of inspiration about the content you want to create, then you can do everything here as well as manage tasks within Milanote.

6. Tech Team Indonesia

Another alternative is for you to ask for help from Tech Team Indonesia to create your editorial calendar and manage your social media. Instead, you can focus on your business, but social media is still running! Come on, get a FREE consultation! Or you can chat on Instagram Tech Team Indonesia at @techteam_indonesia