6 Tips to Launch a Business on Instagram

You want to launch an online business starting from Instagram social media, because you see great potential in this application! However, you don’t know how to start yet. Don’t worry, let you know the tips!

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There have been many online businesses that have started from the beginning to become a large Instagram account, until the goods have been felt by famous artists to influencers! So how do you do this? Have a lot of followers and have a lot of buyers on the product?

Let’s discuss them one by one!

6 Tips to Launch a Business on Instagram

1. Drive All Traffic to Instagram Account

If you want to launch a business on Instagram, it’s important to make Instagram a must-visit place for your audience, to get information about the launch date of the latest items, product offerings, and anything else you want to communicate!

By driving all traffic to your Instagram profile from blog posts, emails, and websites, then you have the first step to building an Instagram community. You can put an Instagram link on your website at the bottom of the website.

If you think about it again, the inclusion of your business social media other than Instagram, is quite important to put on your website. Tech Team can help you in creating an attractive and simple website. There have been several portfolio websites that Tech Team has created!

By putting links or social media links on your website, readers are encouraged to follow the application’s Instagram channel to stay informed about your products. 

However, you also need to post regularly to social media, to keep your followers in mind, and start engaging your community so you can get as many goals as possible.

2. Be Aware of Followers before Launching a Product!

To launch a successful Instagram business, you’ll want to start by being aware of some of the people in your followers before launching a new product!

Maybe you can make an announcement on your blog and Instagram about a week and a half before the launch of the product you want to sell. This can create anticipation and excitement among your followers. 

Since you can create excitement for the product, it can result in a more successful launch when the product is available and on sale!

3. Try the Instagram Beta feature. What is it?

If you don’t want to be outdated about the latest features on Instagram, maybe you can sign up for a beta user. In short, beta users are only certain people who can enjoy the new features of Instagram.

The method is also easy. You can register via the Play Store. Then when you scroll through the captions on the Instagram application, you only need to join the beta program. When registering for the beta program, you just have to wait for it to be accepted or not accepted by Instagram.

If you’re given the opportunity to try out some of Instagram’s features or join a beta team, you can invite your community or followers to try out those new features.

This has proven to create fun, as can be seen from the launch of “Add Yours” on Instagram yesterday. Even though it had experienced controversy regarding security issues, Add Yours has now been followed by several Instagram users around the world.

4. Have a Beautiful preview on Instagram

Before sending your business social media links to friends, family, and followers to your Instagram channel, make sure your content looks amazing first! Or it doesn’t need to be “amazing”, but rather the content shown must be interesting and beautiful!

You can start by posting some photos, such as 3-5 feeds, to show what kind of content they can see and what products, services or services you sell. Along with beautiful visual content communicating products and businesses, your social media will receive a lot of praise, and people will be interested in just visiting your social media accounts!

For example, you can create Instagram content full of beautiful and bright images, which has an important role in displaying the app’s photo editing capabilities and how you communicate the product.

Once viewed your Instagram feed, GUARANTEED! They will understand what products you are selling, and there will be more followers to learn more!

5. Create a memorable Instagram name!

Giving a business name may be a big challenge, in addition to wanting an Instagram name that is liked and easy to remember, you also want an Instagram name that is attractive and characterizes your identity or product!

You can follow these tips, such as:

  • Create a name based on the word random + your product, for example @menantea_toko, @gojekindonesia, @tersnack
  • Create a name based on the owner’s name, e.g. @madame.gie (Cosmetics owned by an artist named Giselle)
  • Create a name based on a random word, but related to a product, for example @kawaiidolshop (Olshop cosmetics and skincare)
  • Create a name according to your own creativity and ideas!

6. Providing Discounts or Promotions to Followers

To reward followers, you can give them discounts, promotions, gifts, give away for followers or followers of the longest and active followers! This can get your followers engaged and excited about your business!

Well, those are some tips that we can share about starting a business on Instagram. If you want to know tips and strategies for technology or other digital marketing, you can follow our Instagram social media on @techteam_indonesia.