How To Make A Viral Instagram Meme!

How To Make A Viral Instagram Meme! – Have you seen this meme yet?

“You asked? You wonder?”
“Gee, this is mah his mindset hit..”

Memes on Instagram are indeed good at grabbing attention from internet users, and that’s no surprise. Relevant pieces of content are very easy to share so that they can build audience engagement and help brand engagement or growth on the platform.

Wondering how you can incorporate memes into your own content marketing strategy? We’ll break down what makes your meme interesting and funny – and how you can use it to help grow your business – Check it out below!

What is an Instagram Meme?
If you like jokes on social media, you must be familiar with the word “meme” (read mim).

Reporting from EF (English First), a meme is an element of culture or system that contains behaviors, words or actions that often represent a person’s feelings and thoughts. Usually memes are accompanied by funny writings or images and make laughter.

This meme is often found on social media. Along with the development of the times, memes were originally discovered in 1976, now have random words that contain jokes or criticize today’s phenomena. The form of memes can be diverse on this day. It can be in the form of videos, photos, photography, to writing.

Memes on Instagram social media are universal pop culture content – which is used to deliver comments that relate to the audience. They can be static or dynamic, usually displaying a combination of text and images to be able to communicate visually.

The concept of a meme joke can take advantage of current events, for example from movies, and television to politics and everyday life.

Instagram memes can be used to build affinity with your audience, illustrate your brand value, or simply inject joke stuff into your page.

What’s the best part? If you do well and responsibly, then your memes will drive a lot of audience engagement and help your account engagement.

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Why Instagram Meme Is The Hottest Engagement Idea Right Now?

Memes have great potential on Instagram.

Due to their relatable, relevant, and highly shareable nature, Instagram memes are an effective way for a brand and business to get a lot of likes, comments, and shares.

With meme content too, you can get closer to your audience! You are not associated as a rigid, formal or difficult to approach account. But with memes, this actually makes the audience feel intimate with your brand or product!

Some accounts and have an audience on Instagram, it is not uncommon for them to create and share memes. Although memes have always been a popular format, actually overloading memes on an account needs to be controlled. This concerns your image as a brand. So make memes responsibly and not offend SARA.

How To Make An Instagram Meme

Step #1: Find Inspiration Online
The way you find memes is by surfing the internet itself. On Twitter social media, there are many memes that are spread just by typing the word “meme” in the search bar.

Social media is a place where you find inspiration in creating memes that your audience finds relevant and funny. In this way, you can follow and serve content according to your target consumer audience.

Step #2: Create Your Meme
Good News: Most memes have similar and similar and similar designs or designs, so you don’t need to have advanced design skills to create viral memes. Don’t worry, just enter the words from Instagram!

Then there are the differences on static memes/images and videos. Here’s how you can create static memes and videos.

How To Create A Static Meme:
Creating static memes is actually a lot easier than imagined.
Tools or websites like Imgflip, Mematic, and Imgur, allow you to add text or words to your existing photos or meme images in an instant.

Add text, images, stickers, images, and spaces to match the aesthetics of your product feeds, and so be it! Your meme is ready to be posted!

How to Make a Video Meme:
Creating meme videos is basically not much different on image or static memes. You can find inspiration from social media or websites. Then you add a caption using a video editing application or on the social media application itself.

For example, you can use CapCut or if you have TikTok and Instagram apps, you can start to add captions to your own memes!

3 Best Practices to Create Viral Memes!

Now that you know how to create memes, here are three ways to bring your Instagram memes to the top!

1: Stick to Brand Identity

Even though Instagram memes are fun, it’s still important to stay consistent with your product content. That is, memes are good engagement, but if they are posted every day to increase engagement, they will have a negative effect on your brand!

So do it wisely and responsibly! If you want to start with, create the content so that it still fits your identity or can communicate your product or brand to the audience!

Know what type of content speaks to your audience and try to find memes that provide value to your audience.

2: Follow the Trend on Time

The ticket to meme success is to follow the trend on time, which is when the trend is still fresh and relevant to your audience.

That way, you have a better chance of going viral. For example, you can use the Dilan Cepmek meme, because this meme has gone viral and is used by some of the biggest brands in Indonesia.

3: Don’t Complicate It

Memes are meant to be easy to read, readable at a glance, and capable of delivering messages in seconds. So, the best practice is to keep the text on the photo or video short and short, for a prominent meme experience.

So that’s all from the tips for making interesting memes that can increase your engagement. You can create interesting and fresh content with your audience! Come on, keep up with social media and Tech Team Indonesia articles to get smarter in digital marketing and technology!