6 Steps to Hiring a Freelancer Content Writer So You Don’t Lose!

6 Steps to Hiring a Freelancer Content Writer So You Don’t Lose! – Content creation can be a great help for businesses, so if your business needs content power for a day or a few days, then you can take advantage of freelancers. When hiring freelancers, your business will get some benefits from it.

Content Writer is one of the professions loved by content writers out there. Becoming a Content Writer freelancer can be a solution for those of you who like to write content, and you are business people who need content in the form of writing and popular to scientific articles to support your business content.

By using freelancer writers, your business will get several benefits, that is:
1. First, you’ll free up your employees to focus on other tasks.

2. Second, you get high-quality content from experts and professionals who know how to write and how to engage your audience with their writing, and improve SEO on your content.

3. Last, you can save money by not having to hire full-time staff or pay benefits for in-house content creators.

Writers that you will certainly hire, will represent your company’s brand, then it becomes an important thing to find people who match your company culture and know your industry well.

So, we recommend that you use freelancers with extensive general knowledge and experience capacity, in order to help you achieve your content marketing goals.

How to Choose a Freelancer Content Writer So You Don’t Lose!

1. Set Your Goals for Using Freelancer Services

Set goals before determining employees from outsourced companies or freelancers. You can start by outlining what questions your business needs, such as:

  • What kind of content does your business need (blog posts, white papers, ebooks)?
  • What special knowledge or experience do you need from writers?
  • Who is your target market?
  • What is being said in your business?
  • How often do you need the desired content for marketing?

By answering these questions, hopefully it can provide a better understanding of which types of talent and what to look for when hiring freelancer content writers.

2. Identify Your Budget

The next step is, you need to determine how much it costs to create content.
Price can determine the desired end result, if the author sets a low price, maybe they don’t have the skills to create interesting content and don’t consider the SEO side. This is quite important, because it can affect your content traffic.

Be careful when choosing a freelancer content writer.

Don’t just be interested in low prices, but the content written is of poor quality or can damage the reputation of your business brand. So choose those who are of good quality, have experience in their fields, and have the ability to learn quickly.

If you have a high enough budget, you’ll probably choose a writer with high quality, rather than sacrificing quality.

3. Explain the Work Guidelines with You

You should create guidelines that explain the company’s expectations of the quality, tone, and style of the resulting written content. You should also have a workflow, such as starting with assigning work, explaining the desired content, providing feedback, and creating a revision plan.
And You can use the application to manage your own team of freelancer content writers. Like using Trello, Asana and Notion.

After that, you need to consider some of the below, such as:

  • Who will develop the keyword strategy?
  • How to explain the purpose of SEO to the writers?
  • Who will be responsible for setting topics and deadlines?
  • How do I provide feedback?
  • What system is used for revision?
  • How long does it take for authors to create a work? How long does it take to submit revisions?
  • How do I pay writers?

4. Start Hiring Freelancers!
When your goals and guidelines are ready, let’s find a freelance writer for the first time! There are a few different ways to find talented freelancers.

One option is to post freelancer job openings on freelancer platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. Or upload freelancer vacancies on social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

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However, if you decide to hire individual freelancers, be sure to check each candidate thoroughly. Review their previous work, check their grammar, verify their knowledge of SEO, and make sure their writing style is a good fit for your brand.

Develop a checklist to evaluate potential freelancer writers. Here are some items that can be included:

  • Duration of experience.
  • SEO training/knowledge.
  • Already have a similar client.
  • Industry knowledge/experience.
  • Value per word.
  • Turnaround time.
  • Testimonials/references.

5. Manage Your Freelancer Team

Once you’ve vetted and hired the writers you need, it’s time to start managing your own team! Whether working with an agency or an individual freelancer, it’s important to clarify the company’s expectations of quality, tone, and style in the writing of a piece of content.
As we mentioned earlier, you need guidelines and workflows to establish the course of a job, provide feedback, and make revisions. If someone manages the system itself, then he is the one who definitely evaluates freelancer writing and knows how well your writing works.

In addition to managing your own team, you also need to question this:

  • Are deadlines met?
  • Are expectations clearly communicated?
  • Do authors have sufficient wait times, and the resources they need to do a good job?

Finally, if the freelancer has performed his obligations, then don’t forget to show appreciation for the job well done! While being rewarded, you can give a chat or a simple thank you note or a positive review to the performance.

6. Do a Test and Revise

If you are not satisfied with the results of freelancer writing, then you need to comment on what is wrong and lacking, then ask your freelancer writer to make revisions. By revising and honing the strategy, it can get better results.
Content on articles such as blogs, moderately affects content marketing, although it does not provide a quick increase in traffic like paid advertising (meaning sluggish) However, it can produce long-term effects.

Management and optimization of written content, is essential in improving a successful content marketing strategy. With the right team, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of great content without stress, such as using the services of managing Tech Team Indonesia!

So, those were some tips that you can use before using the services of a freelancer writer for your business

Hiring a great freelancer writer is not as difficult as imagined anyway. By following the steps in this post, you can find talented writers, and create high-quality content, to help your business achieve your business goals!