7 Ways to Avoid Work Burnout on Social Media

7 Ways to Avoid Work Burnout on Social Media – Working on social media and managing the social media accounts of any business can feel fun and exciting when you’re in a stable physical and mental state or an explosion of creative ideas in your brain, instead it can help you get through waves of work that might be tricky to get through.

It’s fun when people or audiences engage with the content being developed or you have a big role to play in generating a lot of ideas for the content.

But undeniably, there is an incident where all the adrenaline that comes together in content creation, strategizing, and managing channels or campaigns starts to accumulate and weigh on your mind.

This can feel very tiring, you can even burnout in compiling and planning content on social media.

But the Tech Team has already prepared several ways to effectively manage this stress and avoid social media burnout. You might be able to start with a small daily habit that can be applied before it’s too late!

What is Saturation on Social Media?

Social media fatigue can make you feel exhausted physically, emotionally, or mentally. Even checking your phone frequently, can cause you stress and not enjoying life, aka you are FOMO.

If you are constantly creating content and don’t have time to take a short break, chances are you’ll feel overwhelmed because you feel unable to meet the demands of the workload. 

You may find yourself working longer hours to keep up with the workload received, which can cause you burnout.

Maybe you also feel tired of reading and consuming so much information on social media platforms, even this can trigger stress because you feel the need for updates about social media and end up not enjoying life.

Spending too much time on social media can affect how you feel, it can affect your energy and ability to do work. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of social media fatigue, Tech Team Indonesian has some tips that are practical and can be practiced throughout the day.

Here’s How to Prevent Boredom on Social Media Through Daily Micro Habits!

You may want to take a good rest and be prepared for any crisis event that may arise.

Well, to avoid social media saturation, make sure you apply micro or small habits on a daily basis, which can help you distinguish between rest periods and productive work sessions, so that with this you will feel a balance of output and energy input.

Incorporating these micro or small habits, throughout the day can help you have the optimistic energy to be able to brainstorm ideas and contribute to campaign sessions or planning with the team.

Taking care of yourself is important because mental and physical care, is essential to the overall health of the group. Then don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat colorful, whole, and rest foods during the day. Such a small thing is a small way to increase your energy throughout the day while allowing others to do the same and avoid burnout.

In this article, Tech Team Indonesian would like to share some practical ways to avoid social media saturation.

1. Practicing Podomoro

You want to get work done and want to make room for rest? Then the Podomoro Technique helps you in achieving both. You can start work for 25 minutes and then take a short break for 15 minutes.

You can repeat this technique or method for four times and then take a longer break. Try it first, and feel the benefits in practicing Podomoro!

  • Here’s how to create the Podomoro Technique!
    Break down your tasks into actionable items (i.e. outlines, write, edit, publish).
    Turn off notifications, desktop notifications, and turn your phone off or get rid of it.
    Open a time tracking tool like Mobile Stopwatch
    Start your task and start the timer for 25 minutes.
  • Result? You will see that when removing distractions, then you can really achieve a lot! When you focus on one task and stop doing multiple tasks, you’ll focus more on one job.

2. Take a Break with a Leisurely Walk

You can take the time to include an all-day walking break. Please provide 10 minutes to walk around your neighborhood at least twice a day.

Going for a walk will help improve your mood, help you in organizing your thoughts, and can even help you to solve problems. This may seem difficult to do, but try to walk around without using a mobile phone in hand. 

If you still have it with you, listen to soothing or cheerful music or do a walking meditation. Breathe and get some fresh air.

3. Do Sweating Activities

Move your body and exercise!

Free yourself from tension, doubt, fear, frustration, or anything else. Exercising can improve your concentration, motivation and memory. It can also increase endorphins into your body’s systems, which are hormones that improve your mood. 

Find an exercise regimen that suits you and make it part of your daily lifestyle, to look fresh and healthy!

4. Change Your Environment!

The chaotic and messy space triggers negative energy in everyone who sees it. Basically, every room per person is different, so inevitably you have to try to keep everything tidy.

What makes the environment look beautiful, quiet, neat and cool for you? This may include plants, natural light, candles, coffee or whatever it is that helps inspire a good environment for you to make it happen.

5. Setting Boundaries

If you’re working in social media marketing or managing brand accounts online, this might seem a bit difficult to do, but try to set some limits on how much time you spend on your phone, laptop or other electronic device.

In addition to adversely affecting your mental health, it can cause dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, affect mood or sleep. 

Give yourself time to decide and calm down. Practice setting time limits and taking breaks from your phone to avoid social media if it affects your mental health.

6. Turn Off Notifications

Don’t say any more. Turn off notifications for your phone? Impossible! We understand this is a difficult thing, but try to dismiss notifications for up to a few days. Maybe you will feel calmer and much better.

But if there is a notif of important things from work, yes, it is worked, because procrastinating important work can cause stress too.

How to disable notifications when working on social media:

  • Turn off social media push notifications on your phone and only allow texts, calls, or appointments to appear on your phone.
  • On desktop, disable email pop-ups that appear when you have a new email. Try turning off or off the alert sound to help improve your focus.
  • For instant messaging, change the settings so you can be notified when you’re mentioned or tagged in a specific message.

Try to apply each of these steps from time to time and it goes well. You can feel more focused and less anxious. 

Disabling social media notifications may make you feel anxious at first, but you can always check them for a set period of time to read and respond to comments intentionally.

7. Practicing Hobbies!

Find a hobby outside of your career interests. Yes, those hobbies can be calligraphy, journaling, painting, photography, dancing, etc., something that helps you stay away from work. You’ll find that few minutes to me time in a few days a week, to help maintain sanity and a positive attitude.

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