Bjorka the Importance of Quality SSL on Websites

Bjorka & the Importance of Quality SSL on Websites – The figure of Bjorka has been widely discussed by the Indonesian community due to their actions that have attracted the attention of citizens by hacking into important data in Indonesia, including the personal data of top government officials.

As reported by DarkTracer: DarkWeb Criminal Intelligence (@darktracer_int), Bjorka began its actions by selling a total of 105 million data belonging to Indonesian citizens from the General Election Commission (KPU).

Bjorka also claimed to have 1.3 billion registrations of Indonesian prepaid SIM cards, which contain important personal information such as NIK (national identification number), phone numbers, mobile operators, registration dates, and BIN data sent to President Jokowi.

Bjorka also targeted Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir, during the fuel price hike, and questioned the birthday celebration of the Chairperson of the People’s Consultative Assembly (DPR/MPR), Puan Maharani, during a demonstration in front of the DPR/MPR building.

Not only that, Bjorka carried out their actions on Telegram by wishing “happy birthday” while revealing personal data of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Johnny G Plate.

Bjorka even gained attention as the “Robin Hood” figure after bringing up the case of the murder of activist Munir and discussing the identity of the perpetrators. However, Bjorka only highlighted the cases that had already been reported, rather than revealing new cases.

This raises a big question for us, as victims of hacking and observers of Bjorka’s actions: “Is our personal data still safe on websites?”

Certainly, the public must not neglect the leakage of personal data, as it can be used irresponsibly by individuals with malicious intentions.

As reported by KompasTV, Cyber Security Expert, Alfons Tanujaya, stated that the main issue discussed regarding the hacking is not Bjorka themselves, but rather the poor management of data leaks by the government. Therefore, there is a need for improvement and enhancement in Indonesia’s cybersecurity.

The hacking incidents carried out by Bjorka serve as a reminder for both the government and society to continually improve the security of websites that store personal data.

The importance of enhancing cybersecurity, especially as cyber threats continue to evolve alongside advancing technology, should be a collective concern.

So, what makes a website secure from hacking? The answer is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Let’s discuss them both!

SSL/TLS Security Protocols Protect Visitor Data Many websites use SSL for security purposes, as it is an essential component of a website. In fact, Google Chrome labels websites without SSL certificates as “not secure.”

Technically, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol designed to protect visitor data on a website.

By implementing SSL on a website, data transfers within the website become more secure and encrypted.

When a website is secure, the URL changes to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), as its primary function is to safeguard data on the internet.

Considering the importance of SSL/TLS on websites, we highly recommend promptly implementing SSL/TLS on your website with the help of a tech team.

Why should website users use SSL/TLS security protocols?

  1. Ensuring data security and preventing data theft: Encryption and tracking of sensitive data make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to read the data sent from your website’s visitors.
  2. Avoiding sending data to the wrong servers: Website authentication ensures that data information is sent to the intended server, preventing misdirection.
  3. Enhancing the reputation and quality of the website: SSL/TLS implementation is indicated by a green padlock or an HTTPS connection, instilling trust and confidence in users.
  4. Improving website ranking: In addition to SEO benefits, SSL can contribute to higher rankings in search engines, as Google does not recommend users to visit unsafe websites.
  5. With SSL/TLS, you can rest assured that your data is secure, as it is encrypted and protected. Tech Team Indonesia has been trusted in website development for numerous companies.

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As explained by Narasi News Room, neglecting the leakage of personal data poses several risks, such as:

  1. Becoming a target: Hacked personal data on websites can be exploited to sell specific goods, as well as posing threats of discrimination and intrusion into personal matters.
  2. Constant surveillance: Your personal information can be identified and used to monitor your online activities.
  3. Emotional manipulation: Personal data can be used to map your social circle, such as social media news feeds that can create polarization.
  4. No hiding place: Personal data is interconnected with other contacts, such as relatives and gaming friends, making it difficult to escape or risk your personal data becoming collateral for online loans.
  5. The internet never forgets: Personal data that has been exposed and known can continue to be accessed by certain individuals, even if the incident occurred a long time ago.
  6. Becoming a claimed target: Personal data can be exploited by politicians or companies for personal gain or business matters.
  7. Identity theft: Our personal data can be stolen by others who claim to be us.

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