Creative Ways & Tools to Improve Content Research

Creative Ways & Tools to Improve Content Research – Creating content consistently requires focus and planning, so you need to have a way to capture and save fresh idea updates, a content planning calendar to see visually (overview), what content is coming up and a content workflow that keeps the content creation process going until it’s complete.

Creating content ideas is easy, once you know where to look and how to continue to grow that content with the DNA value of your business services and your own expertise.

Here are some ways and some research tools that you can use to create content!

How do I find new content ideas?

1. Try Creating a Survey on Your Audience

The most effective way to generate content ideas is to ask your audience directly. You can do this through email surveys, where you can ask some thoughtful open-ended questions, which can be used to help you see what their needs are and how you can offer some solutions to their problems.

You can also combine multiple choice options in an email survey, such as including multiple choice (A,B,C,D, &e).

The results of your survey can help examine issues that are important to your audience and ways to help fill in the gaps.

On social media, you can do the same by including interactive polls, questions, and stickers that allow your audience to be willing or interested to ask questions or give us feedback.

2. Try Hearing Audience Questions

Let’s take a look at common questions from the audience. You can do this by auditing the comments section of social media posts, DMs, blog posts, or questions that people often ask your product or business via email or during livestreams.

Try now collecting frequently asked questions to identify common themes to develop on your social media.

3. Competitor Analysis & Post Performance

You need to spend a few minutes on a competitor’s social media or website. Then look at what’s in the competition and think, how to make your social media content better recreated.

In addition to the competitors we analyze, we need to review the analytics and identify what posts and which posts are stored, shared, or commented on and jot down common questions that the audience asks you.

See which articles or pages are the most clicked or the pages where people spend the most time on your site.

Tools to Reference Content Ideas

Now that you know how to create a post, here are some tools used to improve content research and generate endless topic ideas. Here are some tools that can further help you validate your ideas and expand the topic:


Quora is a great place to start content ideas based on the questions and concerns people are asking. You only need to type the keywords you want, then several questions will appear related to the keywords you type.


Reddit is a great aggregator or content collector. So you can use Reddit’s resources to do keyword searches and see responses and how people rank responses.

Using Reddit can give you a quick examination of the topic or what people are looking for or curious about and offer new perspectives that can be added to the conversation or topic under study.


Have you ever been in a group chat or group-based community chat on social media? You may belong to various online groups. There you can see what inspiration can be gained when visiting online groups. Take a look at Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups.

Evaluate the topic under discussion, questions people often ask, and how you can come up with content solutions that can help and solve people’s problems.


Who doesn’t know Google? It turns out that with Google you can maximize Google’s built-in search capabilities. They provide “related searches” and can also tinker with Google’s autocomplete feature to aid in generating multiple subtopics.

You can find out which topics or keywords are often searched by people over the past week or on the same day. You can use Google Trends.


Do some keyword searches on Twitter and see how people talk about a particular topic. Discover unique perspectives, resources, or questions that can be explored.

Take advantage of Twitter lists to help you organize thought leaders or other accounts that add valuable thoughts to specific topics.


This application stores a thousand attractive and aesthetic visuals, perfect for those of you who promote your goods or business using beautiful videos or photos!

Do a keyword search and see how images, titles, and topics are curated. Get some inspiration for the topic you want and how you can convey solutions visually in graphics, images, or videos, or catchy titles to the audience, because Pinterest holds a lot of infographic tricks and hacks that you need to know.

So that’s some ways and tools that the Tech Team can give you. If you want your social media to be well managed and managed, Tech Team Indonesia can be a friend who understands and loves a surefire solution for your social media!