Get to know Motion Graphics!

Get to know Motion Graphics! – Have you heard the term motion graphic? Ever seen moving 3D and 2D animations? Either on a billboard or seeing a simple typographic animation on the powerpoint of someone’s presentation?

Well, that’s motion graphics, one of the developments digitally. Which is one type of animation with the main component being text.

The point of using this motion graphic is to add depth to the storytelling, and when delivered with effective music, the motion graphic has a message and meaning conveyed. For example, animations delivered at the opening of YouTube, advertisements, and so on.

In the business world, motion graphic videos are also often used as marketing or advertising needs. By combining graphic design, animation, and music, you can immediately convey information about the business/company in an interesting and creative way.

By displaying ads through motion graphic videos, information about your business/company is more attractive to customers. That way you will find it easier to get new potential customers.

What is Motion Graphic?

Literally, motion graphic comes from English and consists of 2 syllables, “Motion” which means motion, and “Graphic” which is commonly known as graphics.
Usually, motion graphics use music or sound.

Motion graphic animation videos are widely used for social media content, storytelling, advertising, informative videos, and others.

In today’s digital era, the use of motion graphic video is a very important tool for delivering messages to viewers.

By having a creative and attractive appearance, motion graphic animation videos are even widely used by large companies to create company profiles.

Motion graphics or motion graphics have many variations, depending on which field this animation is used in. If it used to be used as a learning medium, it was referred to as a motion graphic explanation/explanation motion graphic.

What are the Benefits of Motion Graphics?

1. Movies and Videos

Motion Graphics can be used as animated films and videos that are used to display the title at the beginning or used as a learning use, so that students can learn interactively.

Just like the titles of movies and videos, the purpose of this motion graphic is to give an impressive and amazing impression, so that movies and videos feel more interesting.

2. Social Media Content

In an era of sophistication, where everyone uses mobile phones and surfs social media. Brands, news channels, and official accounts seem to not want to lose to capture the attention of the audience, so photos, videos, and motion graphics are made that display animation, and audio to music that is unique, interesting, and fresh.

The use of motion graphics is known as an effective method of conveying important information because it is effective, simpler in duration, and easy to understand. The more pleasing to the eye, the easier the information conveyed will be captured.

3. Logo

In the past, logos were only limited to displaying on a package, advertisement, banner, or promotional page. Now the logo can be used as a strong, attractive, and impressive brand awareness. For example, the mixue logo, which contains snowmen, is often used as moving animation and fun music.

The animation is even loved by many people and the music is parodied by some K-pop artists like Seventeen The8. So, how does Mixue not sell well and is in demand by many people? From the logo alone, it has successfully grabbed a lot of attention!

4. Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, motion graphics are often used as a marketing and promotional medium for a product or business. For example, Tech Team Indonesia, which is an Indonesian digital marketing agency that is ready to help promote your business as more interactive and attractive!