The Best Link Tools for Instagram Bio

The Best Link Tools for Instagram Bio – Did you know that bios on social media, especially on Instagram, are important? This is because it can direct the audience to a certain page, for;

  1. View the latest blog post, podcast episode, or e-book on a website or app.
  2. Help direct your audience to the newsletter sign-up form.
  3. Help people view your portfolio of business interests or passions.
  4. Recommend products, and favorite purchases, and be able to provide tips on what to do.
  5. Purchase orders. and new clients
  6. Help direct the audience on customer testimonials
  7. Stay close to the audience for the latest updates, content, and products.

Make your Instagram bio work for you and your audience. Check out the “Link in Bio” feature that can help you maximize content, products, or services. Also, bio links can help businesses better serve their audience on Instagram.

What’s the point of putting links to other social media accounts, websites, platforms, or other useful links in your Instagram bio?

This is because using a link in the bio of an Instagram account will allow you to introduce your identity as a person or business to your audience and make your services look more extraordinary.

What tools can shorten website links or make other connecting links look neater and prettier? Come on, let’s discuss the tools!


Shortstack is a tool that can create custom landing pages for Instagram bios. Apart from that, you can also create landing pages to run social contests, and polls, or collect analysis results. Moreover, this tool can be free or paid, so don’t forget to register first!

With this application too, you can showcase your products or services by sending emails to customers.


Leadpages is a very powerful and code-free landing page maker tool.

Using Leadpages, you can create custom landing pages for your Instagram bio and help you effectively capture prospects, and performance links and make sales using custom templates and their designs.

Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial and then requires a paid plan.


This tool can help you to get a website on your Instagram account in just minutes. Let’s try it!

The Milkshake tool interface is also easy to use and is equipped with “cards” or cards that make up your Instagram landing page and allow users to customize the look and feel of the landing page they want.

The Milkshake app is free to download and use!


Tool Campsite has a very clean look and feels for landing pages on Instagram. They have lots of customization options to help create your user landing page.

They offer both free and premium options. You’ll find options to adjust the color, font, and some link click analytics. This tool is also known to be able to customize your landing page with a thumbnail image from an Instagram account and link it to the Campsite landing page.


If you’re not a fan of using share sites with third-party links, try using the Elementor website page builder with your WordPress site.

Using the Elementor plugin, users can create custom landing pages that go directly to the main website, and create a cohesive branded experience for Instagram followers.

6. Tech Team Indonesia

Why is Tech Team Indonesia? Wow, did you know that Tech Team Indonesia is a website page builder and manages social media that can help your business? Alternative, so you can focus on your work.