3 Easy Ways to Organize Content Ideas!

3 Easy Ways to Organize Content Ideas! – Creating content every day is needed to support the activities of a blog or social media. This content can be in the form of writing videos, photos, or other works. But have you ever had difficulty executing existing ideas?

Don’t be distressed, you are not alone, now you are in the right position and time to read this article. A good idea is an idea that is well-realized. Try to be consistent in making an editorial calendar so that your myriad ideas don’t just fall away!

Follow these steps and execute your ideas quickly and come true!


Have you ever been in the bathroom or toilet, and suddenly an idea about content comes and goes through your mind? Wow, you have to execute it quickly so you don’t forget!

When an idea comes to mind, try to record it or record it on a piece of paper. If not, you can use your cellphone notes. Cellphone notepads are now sophisticated because they can store photos, articles, and documents, and can even receive voice memos.

Try to build folders to store ideas and inspiration for content. If possible, make a category based on the color or label on the cellphone note. This will make it easier for us to find documents.


After taking the first action on the content idea, namely by recording and storing it properly, now is the time for you to turn the idea into a task that can be executed further.

When you’re ready to turn your ideas around and make something tangible, turn to editorial calendar management tools or content calendars like Asana, Trello, Notion, and others tools. For example, using the Asana tool allows you to view tasks in a list, board, or calendar view.

One of the many benefits of using Asana is being able to create mini-tasks for yourself within a project allowing you to check them off when you have created something or have worked on a task.

One of the best ways to complete any project or goal is to turn it into small actionable steps. Asanas help with this and provide many ways to stay organized.

The tip for content execution is to stick to the SCHEDULE on a TIMELY basis.


Creating content is not as easy as it looks, but don’t worry and be sad because, in this sophisticated era, there will be conveniences such as tools created for humans to live more effectively and efficiently.

For example, you can use Google Drive to write blog posts, Instagram captions, or video scripts, and manage and organize “final” files within Google Drive. Make folders neat and organized so that everything you do can be stored properly.

Within Google Drive, you can also store final PDF files, videos, or promotional assets. After content creation is complete, you can save the final version of the content in a folder inside Google Drive, so I know where the final version is.