Admin fees for various 2023 marketplaces that must be included in the price of your product!

When you decide to sell online. And choose some e-commerce. Previously, you had to know how much the admin fees for each e-commerce were.

What are e-commerce admin fees?

The e-commerce admin fee is a fee that includes registration, payment processing fees and shipping and handling fees. These costs are usually based on the selling price of the goods. Ranges from 0.1% to 10% or more of the sale price.

Admin fee of various e-commerce

  1. TikTok Shop

Currently, TikTok Shop has changed their administration fee from payment fee to sales commission. Later, sellers will pay a 1% commission plus a flat rate of IDR 2,000 for each of their orders that enter TikTok.

How to calculate admin fees = 1% of each order x (product price – discount) + fixed price (Rp.2000).

  1. Bukalapak

Starting January 16, 2023, there is a change in admin fees. For Super Sellers, category A is 2% and Category B is 1.5%. Meanwhile, for non-Super Sellers it becomes 1%. (Calculated after 100 transactions).

As for the incoming goods:

Category A: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Industrial, Household, Cellphones, Electronics, Computers, Cameras, Children’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Food, Hobbies & Collections, Health, Precious Metals, Sports, Care & Beauty, Home Care, Baby Supplies, Office Supplies, Tickets & Vouchers.

Category B: Motorcycles, Mobile Phones, Electronics, Computers, Cameras.

  1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia has 3 seller categories namely: Regular Merchant, Power Merchant, and Power Merchant PRO. The cost is also determined based on the product category being marketed. Starting January 2, 2023, fees charged by Tokopedia range from 1% to 4.5%. If the seller chooses the free shipping service, there will be an additional fee of 4% for all seller categories and groups.

For which group category is your product (click the link on the word your product).

  1. Lazada

At Lazada, there are 3 seller categories, namely seller status which is divided into 3 categories, namely: Regular Seller, Super Seller, and Lazmall. As of March 1, 2023 the administration fee for all categories is 1.82%.

Meanwhile, the administrative costs for the three categories, in full, can click here

  1. Shopee

The sellers are divided into 3 categories, namely, Non-Star, Star Seller, Star Plus, and Mall. Service fees in this marketplace are determined based on this class and the type of product being sold. Starting, January 2022. The admin fees range from 2.3 to 4.7%. Learn more here

So, you can determine and calculate the administrative costs of several e-commerce sites. Before, finally you choose e-commerce whose costs are in accordance with the conditions and income of your business.

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