5 Content Ideas for Instagram Business Accounts for 2023

Every content that has been posted on Instagram comes from an idea that is in the mind of the poster. Many businesses succeed because of viral social media content, especially Instagram. Viral content is usually seen from the quality of the content, the content, the brand that is easy for consumers to remember, and so on. Then, what are the content ideas for Instagram business accounts in 2023?

  1. Create Instagram Guides

In 2023, Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Guide. This feature is for users who want to share tips, tricks, recommendations, or curated results with followers.

The Guide feature lets you share content and cover photos packaged like articles or magazine photos for your business brand. For those of you who are building a fashion business on Instagram, the Guide feature is perfect for use as clothing education material for followers. If you need clarification looking for ideas for Guide content, you can redesign the content you posted in Feeds or Reels.

  1. Content “Ask the Audience”

“Ask the audience” content dates back several years. However, the popularity of this type of content is timeless. The function of this content idea is to help you develop products in the future. Plus, critical Instagram users can solve product problems that you face.

For example, you are a men’s clothing businessman. Then, you want your product innovation to be suitable for Gen-Z. You can create content by asking followers, “Do you prefer to wear flannel shirts or plain clothes to campus?”

  1. Quiz and Give Away Content

Do you like quiz content or give away? This type of content is often held for business people in various countries. Most of the quiz content is packaged as quizzes with prizes.

For those who want to create quiz content or give away, determine the prize or product you want to give. Prizes can vary, such as discount coupons or free products.

Then, usually, business people set terms and conditions. The requirements include following your business account, inviting other followers in the comments, and answering your prepared quiz. You can also set conditions according to your business target market, such as followers must be 18-25 years old, followers must write specific comments, and use certain hashtags.

  1. Carousel-Shaped Educational Content

Carousel-based educational content still exists in 2023. Users can upload multiple photos or videos in one post. For those building a business on Instagram, you can use this feature to share educational content.

Educational content is also needed for businesses to attract new followers. You can define carousel content ideas, such as quotes, memes, videos, short tutorials, and information on do’s and don’t’s.

  1. Behind The Scene and Short Video Tutorial (Reels)

Recently, behind the scenes via Instagram, Reels have been trending. As a result, many business people have tried this content idea. Behind the scenes, you can share makeup tutorials using your products, the process of making food or drinks, and so on.

You can briefly present your latest product in a short tutorial video (Reels). There are several things you can do in a short video on Instagram.

That’s some information about content ideas for your Instagram business account. Hopefully, these content ideas can be helpful for you in developing your business in 2023.

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