Fresh Content Ideas for the New Year 2023!

Fresh Content Ideas for the New Year 2023! – December is in sight! Then this is a great time to get ready for the Christmas and New Year holiday season. Wuhuuu, it’s great! But for those of you who work, it may be a bit difficult to get rations off, hehe.

For those of you who are confused about what content to plan for December is suitable, calm down…

Tech Team Indonesia is ready to come and help you, by making a list of some of the most effective marketing ideas and posts to inspire your adaptable content ideas!

December can be your busiest month in planning your content marketing strategy on your brand’s social media or business. Then this is the right time to start planning and starting fresh and interesting content! Let’s see more!

1. Create Handwritten Notes

This may sound strange, but think of handwritten notes as having a perspective as a very personal thing or leading to a personal realm, and taking notes with sticky notes or a piece of paper, is not something that is often reused.

In the content, you can add handwriting, which will make customers really “wow” and most likely, they will participate in your content!

2. Share Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Let’s go one step further by showing you a behind-the-scenes video showing you’re writing all the handwritten notes for the content? 

Or, if you own a restaurant, you might want to show them how you’re making one of your signature dishes or how you’re planning on decorating a room for New Year’s Eve.

Surely this content will be very fun, right? But don’t forget to set aesthetics and concepts on your videos. So that the audience is more interested in being quiet and watching your content!

Even if you have a plan for some kind of surprise content in the video, then show a little leak to your followers or followers, and they will immediately feel like one of the “insiders”. No need to spend money to make a breakthrough in your own brand or business content.

3. Create a Year-End Event

Contests are a very fun way to celebrate the end of the year. You can get very creative with this, such as asking people to share the most inspiring quotes yet can define your business in a few sentences or one sentence. Or you might be able to start by asking consumers to create testimonials about your most creative business!

Think of something that makes people happy to do it and make sure the gift is really useful so that more people will participate. 

The more people involved with the contest post k, the more chances you have of reaching new people outside of the network you’ve already built.

4. Create a New Offer

The most obvious way to celebrate December next month is to make a special offer for your goods, services or services. Create that new offer content by attracting people’s attention. Pay attention to the copywriting used. You can create videos, GIFs, or memes though. Or you want to create a puzzle for them to solve answers, to reveal the details of the offer!

5. Decorate Your Business’s Website and Social Media Pages

Your website and social media pages are just like your business’s digital home, so why not decorate them for entertainment?

Create cheerful and funny holiday and December themed cover photos for your Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages. Add fun Christmas & New Year motion graphic design effects to your social media or your website to make it look attractive and updated!

For example, you can include your brand logo with various December attributes, such as a Santa Claus hat stuck on the logo, or other ideas. The good news is, you can ask Tech Team Indonesia for help to create a website and manage social media at Tech Team Indonesia!

We are ready to be a friend who listens to all your complaints about the website and social media!

6. Ask a Question

Another great way to end the year is to ask your followers a few questions. You can ask about your wishes for next year, resolutions in 2022 and what things have been learned in 2022. Create interesting questions, which arouse the sympathy of the audience to read and participate in the content!

7. Give Gifts to the Audience

Advertising that you’ll reward people with every order is a great way to encourage people to shop at your business!

You can make it like a Christmas & New Year bonus for users!
Use this strategy to attract customers, especially when they’re not in the mood to shop after the holidays. If you want to make a free gift, that’s great! They will definitely return the spirit of shopping once again or even many times.

So, those were some tips for content ideas that can inspire you to create content in December. Read other Tech Team Indonesia articles, to get updated information about digital marketing and other technologies!