Get to Know KOL Specialist: Responsibilities, Skills, and Salary Prospects

Today, the need for digital professions is getting higher in the eyes of companies, especially small and large companies. Not surprisingly, prospective workers must master several digital skills, including Specialist KOL.

As time passes, the demand for Specialist KOL is getting higher in the company’s eyes. Many companies use KOL Specialists to operate digital product or service marketing activities.

Even though it covers digital marketing, this Specialist KOL is often connected to the marketing department. According to Adweek’s research, 74% of consumers worldwide consider KOL (key opinion leader) to be able to influence purchasing decisions.

It is not surprising that Specialist KOLs have high prospects for careers. Then, what is the profession of a Specialist KOL like?

Definition of Specialist KOL

Reporting from, Specialist KOL is a profession responsible for collaborating or working with influencers that the team has set, and these influencers must work according to a mutually agreed contract.

Specialist KOLs are usually in the marketing department, which involves a large audience and potential customers. Please note KOL or influencers are people who have high mass or followers. 

KOL Specialists will work with influencers that match the needs of the company’s product or service. Later, influencers will be assigned to carry out certain marketing or social activities that can attract their audience.

Specialist KOL Responsibilities

As a Specialist KOL, you need to carry out tasks that the majority are involved in the world of entertainment and social media. You will also work closely with the marketing department to execute the marketing strategy set by the company. The following are some of the responsibilities or duties of a Specialist KOL, as reported by

Research and Identity KOL

Specialist KOLs are responsible for researching suitable KOLs or influencers according to company needs. Some compatibility indicators are usually adjusted to the team’s marketing strategy. However, in general, these indicators are KOL’s relevance level to the brand, KOL’s target market, KOL’s reputation, and the variety of content KOL.

KOL Network Management

As an external party, the KOL Specialist must be able to maintain communication with other companies, influencers, media, and third-party agencies that oversee the KOL. It’s no wonder that KOL Specialists have extensive relationships with famous people.

Implement Marketing Strategy

KOL Specialists are also involved in marketing strategy planning. The strategy can be creating content pillars for promotional campaigns, compiling KOL databases, compiling KOL message templates, maintaining KOL relationships, advertising briefs for KOLs, etc.

Win-Win Solution Negotiation

As a part of the company, Specialist KOL must be able to negotiate with influencers or KOL. Negotiations are expected to be profitable for both parties. Furthermore, the KOL Specialist must be able to prepare a clear estimate or timeframe for the promotional campaign that the KOL will carry out.

Monitor KOL/Influencer Performance

After executing a promotional campaign by KOL, a KOL Specialist must analyze and evaluate KOL’s performance according to the applicable contract period. You also need to request reports or promotional content insights conducted by KOL. 

Specialist KOL Skills and Qualifications

Every profession requires the appropriate skills and qualifications. Therefore, you need to know the skills and qualifications of a Specialist KOL. Please note each company sets different qualifications. Generally, each company will determine the qualifications and skills for Specialist KOL.

Soft Skills

Specialist KOL involving marketing divisions or departments must have critical and creative thinking. They also need high data literacy in reading the market and insight from KOL social media.

In addition, Specialist KOL must have negotiation and presentation skills to show a good impression to third parties. Not only that, problem-solving will always be needed for every profession, and Specialist KOL is no exception.

Hard Skills

Hard Skills for KOL Specialists involve setting up social media and marketing management. You will arrange promotional campaigns and partner activities and manage social media.

Educational and Work Qualifications

KOL Specialists do not have to have a certain educational degree. Many companies prioritize extensive work experience and relationships for a Specialist KOL. To gain this experience, you can involve yourself in volunteer positions, such as public relations, public relations, content creators, and other jobs that involve KOL management.

It should be noted the company will also determine the Communication Studies, Marketing Communication, Management, and Marketing study programs to become KOL Specialists.

Specialist KOL Salary Prospects

The salary prospects of a Specialist KOL are sometimes different in some companies. However, a Specialist KOL with at least one year of work experience will be paid over IDR 5 million. Do you want to become a KOL Specialist?