Good and Correct Meta Description!

Good and Correct Meta Description! – Meta description is one of the most powerful ‘weapons’ to increase traffic on a website.

To know how to make a good and correct meta description, there is no need to worry, because in this article will discuss the good and correct Meta descrioption. Take a good look at yaa techteamers…

According to search engines, meta descriptions do not have direct benefits for SEO, because they do not use them in algorithms to determine the ranking of a website.

The more people who click on your website link in Google search results, Google will automatically increase your website ranking.

No More Than 155 Characters

Writing a meta description should be effective and clear. It is recommended to create a meta description in the range of 155-160 characters. This is so that sentences in the meta description can be read and not truncated in the search results.

Using Active Sentence

Make sure that the meta description you write is not boring, or difficult to understand. People need to know clearly what they will encounter on your website just by reading the description.

Use Symbols and Numbers

Try using symbols and numbers to create a meta description of your website. These two things are considered to be able to influence psychologically in increasing someone’s interest.

Has Benefits for Readers

Create a meta description that can provide solutions for readers or visitors. The purpose of readers visiting website pages is to find information from the content you have created.

Use Focus Keyword

If the search keyword matches or is the same as part of the text in the meta description, Google may highlight your site’s search results. This will also make your site link more inviting to click.

Meta Description Written According to the Content Created

Create a meta description that matches the content of your site. Google will know if you write a meta description that does not match the content of the site you have to trick users into clicking on links that appear in search results.

Those are some ways to write a good and correct meta description that can increase traffic for your online business website. To make your online business smoother, you can choose Tech Team Indonesia to optimize your website SEO with a FREE online consultation through Or you can chat Instagram Tech Team Indonesia at @techteam_indonesia