Product Promotion with a Website? Most Potent and Effective

Product Promotion with a Website? Most Potent and Effective – One of the most effective marketing strategies is to create a business website. With the availability of a business website in our business, it can make it easier for potential consumers to get to know the products we sell. In addition, the products we sell can also be known from all corners of Indonesia.

How to Promote Products on the Website

The SEO Techniques

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are one of the strategies that cannot be separated from product promotion in online media, especially websites. With SEO, you can find out which keywords are popular or searched for on the internet.

You can focus keyword search according to your niche or product. Choose keywords that have low competition, but high search frequency. These keywords must later be in the title, headings, article content, to meta descriptions.

Although beginners are confused about SEO techniques, now there is no need to worry. There are many SEO service providers that offer help to optimize your business website. One of them is the Tech Team Indonesia which can help you in optimizing your business website. You can consult directly for free.

Using Email Marketing

You can also use email marketing for product promotion on your business website. Email marketing usually contains notifications of new products to other attractive offers. The goal is for consumers to access the website again and transactions.

Take Advantage of Social Media

You also need to promote your website, one of which is through social media which has a greater market opportunity. Take advantage of the various features available on each social media platform you have. Such as reels and stories on Instagram, fan pages on Facebook, and much more.

Make content as interesting as possible that can spark public curiosity. Sleight of hand at your potential customers to enter the website page with offers of various products that are certainly attractive.

Use Google My Bussiness

Google My Business is one of the features that Google provides to create a business profile so that it is easy to recognize. Complete information about the company, ranging from brand, address, store operating hours, contact number, to website, so that potential customers can more easily find your business.

Take Advantage of Banner Ads

Banner ads have been very popular among bloggers because they are proven to increase website visitors. Promotional banners can be posted on your business website. The most important thing in using this technique is to create an attractive banner design. If the banner display is good and attractive, of course it will be easier to get visitors interested in the content offered on the banner.

Examples of Product Promotion on the Website


The first example of product promotion on the website is Wardah. This make-up manufacturer, which has a halal tag line, immediately shows various promotions on its main page.

Not only relying on one product, but Wardah promotions are also attractively packaged using automatic slides.

Scarlett Whitening

The second example of promotion is Scarlett Whitening. This body care manufacturer immediately showed various promotions on its main page. In addition, there are many promotional options that can be shown to consumers.

Looking at the examples and explanations above, of course you agree that a website is the right choice for product promotion, right? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website yet because Tech Team Indonesia is ready to help you create a company profile website for your business needs.

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