Guys, This is the Different between KOL and Influencer!

At first glance, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and influencers are similar. In fact, when attending an event, the influencer is included in the KOL category. But, it turns out that the two are very different, you know. For more, see this article!

What is COL?

KOL or short for Key Opinion Leader are those who usually have a more specific category and are known for being influencers in that field. For example, Ria SW who is a KOL in the culinary field and Sarah Ayu in the makeup field.

Because of that, the field of projects and collaboration with a brand must be adjusted to their expertise and are more limited. This KOL is more suitable for those who want to increase brand awareness because KOL is indeed more focused on brands in the field of product sales. Although, there is also an increase in sales due to the role of the KOL.

So it’s no wonder there may not be as many posts as influencers and the average post types for each feed also vary. This KOL sort of wants to focus on being an expert and wants to be known for his field.

What are influencers?

Influencers are people who focus on building their image on the internet. The point is, the influencer wants what he does and what he posts can affect his followers.

According to his goal, namely, to build his image and rely on the number of followers. So brands that endorse or partnership are more diverse. What’s more, influencers are more flexible with their content. Today you can post content endorsed fashion items and it could also be the next day for restaurant review content (which is endorsed by the restaurant).

If you want to increase product sales, influencers are the right choice. Moreover, if the followers are large, the more followers who checkout the product. Even so, there are also influencers who are very selective in choosing and taking the products and brands offered.

In fact, there are those who openly admit that the influencer refuses if it doesn’t suit his taste and likes to be used on a daily basis. The reason is because they don’t want to deceive their followers.

You can use both to improve your business. All you have to do is adjust it to your goals, whether you are focusing on brand awareness or selling goods. Please choose the appropriate KOL or influencer, okay and If possible, check reviews from other brands that have collaborated with KOL or the selected influencers before contacting them.

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