Explanation and How to Implement On Page SEO for Business

Explanation and How to Implement On Page SEO for Business – SEO is something that must be used for its application in a business. Especially in a newly started business, by using SEO, it will greatly help your business development process. If you don’t use SEO, it will take more time and effort in introducing your business to an outside audience, especially your potential customers.
In this article, we will discuss SEO and how to use it appropriately for your business. Let’s check it out…!

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing content on website pages so that it can be found as much as possible in search engines. In on-page SEO we must focus on the factors contained in the content, such as: creating on page SEO keywords, HTML code, tags, content and others.
The presentation of useful and correct content and by implementing on-Page SEO can improve the quality of your business website.

The Importance of On Page SEO for Businesses

On-page SEO is very important because it helps search engines understand your business website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to search queries.
Search engine optimization must be done consistently so that the position of the website is not displaced by your business competitors. In addition, the implementation of on-Page SEO can also help your business branding so that many people know about the brand and products of your business.

How to Implement On Page SEO for Business

There are several things you can do to optimize website search results on Search Engines. Here are some on page SEO strategies that you can do:

1. Understand Google’s Criteria

The first thing you have to do is first understand how Google’s algorithm works. There are several things that Google cares about, such as speed, security, to content quality.
In terms of speed, your website is required to be accessed quickly. For security, make sure that your website is secure or uses an HTTPS link. Google ensures that the top search results are filled with secure websites. Content, which is the most important assessment. Finally, Google requires you to present the best content. Starting from the title, content, images to keywords must be complete and relevant.

2. Keywords

Do keyword research and help search engines know the important words on your business website. Google provides several tools that you can use to do keyword research such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Hot Trends.
After getting the right keywords, make sure the main keywords appear in the title, description, URL and the first paragraph of the article you wrote.

3. Tittle and Subtittle with Headings

Make sure the title uses the H1 tag and only appears once in 1 article. While H2 can be used in sub-headings that provide important clues about the material you are discussing.
Each page can only have one H1. Why? This is to show and make it easier for Google to find which parts you consider important from your business page or content.
While H2 you can use in sub-headings that provide important clues about the material discussed.

4. URL Optimization

We can create URLs by including keywords in them, so that the topic you create will be clearer and make it easier for search engines to display the relevance of the right keywords.
This can encourage search engines to place your business website on the SERP according to the keywords you target.

5. Adding Internal Links

Internal links serve to provide information on search engines, that the article you create involves other pages on the website. The addition of internal links is highly recommended, because it can improve the search results of the main page you are targeting.

6. Description of Metta

A meta description is what appears as a quote or paragraph when Google displays your business website page in search results.

From the explanation above, sometimes we are still confused to determine which one needs to be optimized first. To make it easier for you to determine the optimized page, you can consult directly with Customer Service from Tech Team Indonesia through www.techteam.id Or you can chat Instagram Tech Team Indonesia on  @techteam_indonesia